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Environmental Due Diligence

We do the due diligence and write the reports that give you confidence to lend money, purchase property, refinance, or build.  Don’t get stuck with someone else’s environmental mess.  We can identify it, investigate it, and if need be, clean it. A3 Environmental provides both ASTM and Small Business Association Environmental Due Diligence. How do they differ? We’re glad you asked!   A3E-spreadsheet(Click here to download this chart)   At A3 Environmental we understand that the SBA environmental requirements can be challenging. We’re here to guide you through the process and answer your questions. Our goal is to put your environmental risk concerns to rest as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here’s a basic flowchart of the SBA due diligence process to get you started.   A3E-flowchart(Click here to download this chart)

Soil and GroundwaterInvestigations Remediation

Soil Groundwater 1


To err is human, to clean, divine. Even the most conscientious and environmentally responsible businesses sometimes have spills. We can identify them and fix them.


Soil Groundwater 2

Underground Storage Tank Consulting

UST Consulting 1


Have an underground tank? Think you have an underground tank? We can find it and determine the risk it may represents to you, your clients and your community.


UST Consulting

Remediation Management

Remediation Mgmt


So you have a problem, maybe for years, and there's a plan to clean it up but as they say, the devil is in the details. Often the consultant you have is dropping the ball, dragging out the project and milking it for billable hours. A3 Environmental can project manage your new or legacy environmental issues into the end zone. Contact us and we'll put help put your problems behind you.


Remediation Mgmt2

Environmental Consulting

Environmental Consulting 1


Possibly the best part of being an environmental scientist! Have questions? Want strategies? Or do you just want to find better, more responsible ways of doing what you need to do? We can listen to your unique business concerns and spitball creative ways of doing what needs to be done. Then, we’ll put together a plan to execute your strategy and see it through to completion.


Environmental Consulting2

Additional Services

Vapor Intrusion Assessments

Industrial Hygiene Services Asbestos, Lead, Mold, Air Quality Testing

Compliance Audits, Planning and Environmental Permitting

Environmental Impact Statements

Stormwater Pollution Protection Plans

Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures

Tier II Reporting

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