Volcano in New Mexico?

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Volcano in New Mexico?

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I’ve been really busy so it’s been difficult to write about some of the things I’ve seen this year. I’m going to try to backfill some stories. I was in Los Alamos New Mexico this spring and had the opportunity to extend my stay through the weekend and took the opportunity to see the Valles CalderaMy pals at the USGS have a 2 minute demonstration video about calderas and how they form.

Inside the Caldera
Inside the Caldera

New Mexico was beautiful. I was expecting more browns in the color palette and was surprised to see the greens. I did my graduate school field camp in and around Taos and visited this area some 20+ years ago, but that’s a story for another time.

I got to see it slower and from the passenger seat of a convertible which my husband insisted on. The roads would have been amazing on a motorcycle, but the camaro did just fine and occupied my husband’s attention while I got to take pictures.

Aside from the geology, passing through Los Alamos was pretty intense. You roll up to a gate in the middle of the highway. My nervous husband thought we took a wrong turn.

Gate Guard: “ID Please”

Hubster: “Um. I think we’re lost”

Guate Guard: “Where you headed?”

Hubster: “Los Alamos?”

Gate Guard: “Straight ahead”

Hubster: “Through the Government Complex?”

Gate Guard: “Yep”

Hubster: “Isn’t that top secret?”

Gate Guard: “Yep, just don’t look to the left or right.”

Hubster: “Really?”

Gate Guard: “No, not really. Everything is inside buildings.”

Hubster: “Will the NSA be watching us?”

Gate Guard: “Not that you’ll know.”

(Hubster notices dosage meter on gate guard’s lapel)

Hubster: “They give dosage meters to gate guards? Should I be worried?”

Gate Guard: “Only if you’re glowing tonight. Move along.”


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