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Environmental contaminants on your property are a legal and financial liability. When you hire a consultant to identify environmental issues, you need to be confident the job will be done right. Our professional staff has 16 years of industry experience to provide quality results you can depend on.


A3 Environmental is a small, woman-owned business. We are nimble. We start our projects quickly and finish faster than the other guys. We can work within your tight schedule to produce  results you expect. That translates into faster turnaround times so you can meet your deadlines.

Cost Effective

We are scientists with dirt under our fingernails. We prefer being in the field with mud on our boots to being in an air-conditioned cube-farm. Our overhead is low because over our heads is the bright blue sky. This equates to budget friendly pricing for your environmental services.

Battleship Rock, Los Alamos County New Mexico

Battleship Rock, Los Alamos County New Mexico

In my whirlwind tour of New Mexico this spring I was able to see Battleship Rock on the road to Valles Caldera. It was pretty spectacular. We weren’t able to hang out as long as I would like as we were running out of daylight. It was interesting to see that the trees were different […]

User Responsibilities

User Responsibilities

I’m always asked the same question by my client when I tell them to fill out and return the User Questionnaire as part of their Phase I ESA: “Why do I have to fill out a questionnaire about the property, isn’t that why I hired you, the environmental consultant?” It seem counter intuitive. The client […]

Volcano in New Mexico?

Volcano in New Mexico?

I’ve been really busy so it’s been difficult to write about some of the things I’ve seen this year. I’m going to try to backfill some stories. I was in Los Alamos New Mexico this spring and had the opportunity to extend my stay through the weekend and took the opportunity to see the Valles […]

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